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Are you showing up where possible consumers are probably to look for you?

Do you clearly communicate the reasons why your company is a much better option than your rivals?

Do you even understand what those reasons are yourself? It’s amazing how many business owners have actually not identified their own special selling proposal (USP).

The answers to the above 3 questions will apply whether you utilize standard techniques of lead generation (mainly outbound) or more present, digital methods (mainly incoming).

Inbound? Outbound? Where should you put your time, attention and resources to serve your audience and your organization best?

Ideally, your marketing method must consist of a mix of incoming and outgoing strategies. According to market, combining the two can increase the variety of views you produce, significantly increase sharing and eventually increase the number of potential consumers who see your material.

Let’s take a look at different methods of conventional and digital lead generation. We hope you’ll find some actionable, affordable ideas that you can implement immediately to enhance your current efforts and deliver quantifiable, bottom-line outcomes.

Here’s a list of the most commonly used conventional or “outbound” approaches that specialists and business owners use to acquire roofing leads. Opportunities are, you have actually already tried a few of them with varying degrees of success.

If you didn’t accomplish the wanted results, don’t make the mistake of thinking the strategy doesn’t work. Reassess what you did, learn from any mistakes and try these methods once again:

  • Word-of-mouth referrals.
    Direct reaction and print advertising.
    Telephone directory.

It has long been said that word of mouth is the best possible kind of advertising. In the online world, that can mean social evidence in the form of reviews, reviews and referrals from other sites. In the traditional sense, it means that your pleased clients are advising you to their pals, family members and other associates with terrific confidence in your product or services.

According to John Jantsch, small business marketing expert and author of the successful books Duct Tape Marketing and The Referral Engine, the majority of company owner acknowledge the worth of referral marketing however few have systems in place to make it a regular part of their marketing and lead generation method.

He recommends 3 basic, low-priced methods of doing simply that. Firstly, ASK! Train your staff to ask consumers for recommendations throughout the sales cycle and when following up post-project. Print something on your invoices such as, “If you enjoy what we did for you, we ‘d truly value having you send us a recommendation.” Send out a personalized thank-you note for their service and, again, request their recommendations.

Jantsch worries that, no matter how you choose to request for recommendations, it’s crucial that you make it easy for people to do. He asserts that we human beings are hardwired to assist each other.

In his book, Influence: The Psychology of Persuasion, behavioral psychologist, Dr. Robert Cialdini, concurs that reciprocity, the concept of returning a favor when one is gotten, is a fundamental element of impact.

Have you noticed that, these days, we’re all linked yet very few people understand how to interact? In person communication is so unusual in our digital world, that it can truly assist you stand out, make an enduring good impression and start a sales discussion, supplied you do it well.

These prohibitions, and the online equivalent of anti-spam rules, make individual offering a challenge.

Door-to-door sales calls are usually disliked by property owners. They’re also time and labor-intensive for you, as the online marketer. However, they can be well worth your effort if the prospect is definitely qualified (for example, there’s visible roof damage after a storm).

You can likewise take a less direct approach by merely leaving a dangler with your contact info on the doors of homes in an area where you’ve started or just recently completed a roofing task.

Debate raves over cold-calling. While some would have you think it’s dead, MarketingSherpa mentioned in an organization technology marketing discussion, “Cold-calling is 2nd only to recommendations as the primary lead generation method.”
Here are the three “Cold-Calling Rules for the 21st Century,” according to Stefan Tornquist:

Have a Targeted List.

Prior to you start a cold-calling campaign, you require to comprehend individuals you’re attempting to reach. Develop a perfect customer profile

(often called a “persona” in order to develop your qualifying criteria).

Don’t lose your time attempting to offer something that the person you call doesn’t desire, will never ever require or can’t pay for. Where do your prospects live? Do they have a household?

Are they young professionals or senior citizens?

Do they register for house decoration, landscaping or comparable websites and publications?

What home problems keep them up in the evening?

Answer Your Prospect’s Question: What’s In It for Me?

This needs a reasonable little bit of research study on your part to find what solutions you can provide that are relevant to your prospects’ requirements or desires.

Are they worried about energy efficiency and environmental problems?

Have they had a bad experience with specialists in the past?

What problems are they presently facing and how can you help solve them?

What do you do differently from your competitors that assists your consumers? (This is why it’s so crucial to understand what your USP is).

Understand the Goal of Your Call.
Too often, marketers think that the purpose of a cold call is to make a sale. This mindset develops pressure for both the caller and the prospect, which can produce unfavorable feelings and generally leads to no sale.

A cold call is merely an introduction to you and your business. It’s a reciprocal knowing procedure and you, as the caller, need to constantly listen more than you talk.

Ask open-ended questions to zero in on the possibility’s requirements and make every effort to become a friendly consultant who seeks to help rather than offer.

The time to sell comes much later in the cycle, after you’ve developed a relationship and nurtured trust. An open-ended concern is one that prompts your prospect to respond with more than a yes or no answer.

You might ask him or her to inform you what’s most appealing about a next-door neighbor’s brand-new roof, for instance.

Trade Shows
While trade shows are frequently associated with business-to-business selling, many neighborhoods have yearly or semiannual home shows that are well-attended by customers looking for very particular products and services associated with home building and construction, restoration and repair. Like yours!

These events provide you an excellent opportunity to satisfy and start a relationship with potential customers, morally gather email addresses, pass out business literature and position yourself as a go-to specialist, particularly if you’re able to conduct how-to seminars or provide valuable academic content.

Outside Advertising.
You do not need to spend big money on huge billboards to keep your name in front of possible leads. Vehicle graphics and yard indications that are clean, professional-looking, well-maintained and appropriately, regularly branded with your company name and colors will assist people remember and consider you first when they need your services.

If your roofing company does have the ways to invest in signboard advertising, make certain to keep the message simple, the text large with constant font styles and sizes and the artwork uncluttered.

Motorists passing by do not have time to read your company’s history and accreditations, and they will not squint to see small print.

Make the message about understanding and resolving your prospect’s issue; do not make it everything about you. When it concerns outdoor signboards, less is always more.

Direct-mail advertising still exists today however it’s now under the umbrella of “direct action” in order to consist of cars besides conventional or “snail” mail.

However, since routine mail has actually largely been supplanted by digital, online advertising, it can be exceptionally efficient, specifically in local markets. Like personal selling, letters in the mailbox have become so unusual, they actually stand apart from the crowd.

Long-form, copy-heavy direct-mail advertising letters may not work in addition to they as soon as did because of people’s shortened attention periods and info overload.

However postcards and comparable, easier pieces can keep your roofing company’s name in front of prospects and you can customize your pieces to consist of a particular offer or call to action that allows you to determine reaction and effectiveness.

To get the most worth out of your advertising spend, be sure that flyers or print ads in your local newspaper or in publications follow the principles of direct response because you consist of a particular call to action that enables you to quantify and measure the results.

Electronic media were as soon as the domain of image or institutional advertising for big companies with very deep pockets and nationwide reach, such as Coca-Cola and General Mills to create brand name awareness.

Although radio and TELEVISION advertisements could be somewhat targeted based on the audiences for those channels’ shows, they were actually a shotgun technique of marketing to the masses that could not be measured to identify their effectiveness.

Media fragmentation is both a true blessing and a curse for advertisers today. On the one hand, only the large corporations like those above can pay for to market on sufficient channels to reach a mass market.

On the other hand, there’s a channel, car, print or online publication to serve every you can possibly imagine interest group so discovering the best medium to target and reach your finest prospects and produce roofing leads can be simpler than ever.


Whether you advertise in the traditional physical variation of this familiar lorry or its digital, online equivalent, the Yellow Pages is a form of outbound advertising that permits you to place display ads. There are lots of online directory sites where you can, and should, list your roofing company totally free.


Here’s a list of more than 20 of them. The majority of have upgrade options for a very little regular monthly charge. Make certain your roofing company appears in Google’s regional search directory.



Marketo defines incoming marketing as “the procedure of helping prospective consumers discover your business – frequently prior to they are even aiming to purchase – and after that turning that early awareness into brand preference and, ultimately, into leads and income.”

While inbound marketing techniques may require a lot of work in advance and, ideally, routine upgrading for factors we’ll go over below, they can generate roofing leads and business 24/7 at minimal expense once they’re established.

It’s beyond the scope of this post to go over every possible inbound tactic however the three of most worth to you, as a roofer, are Search Engine Optimization (SEO), blogging and social media. All 3 interact, to generate leads and results that are greater than the sum of their specific parts. We’ll take a look at a few other tactics you can try, also.

1. Website and SEO.
Having a website is an outright must for any company and, if done properly, it can be a lead-generating powerhouse. Too often, though, business utilize this valuable online property to speak about themselves instead of showing visitors how they can fix their problems or inform them on different subjects. Take a great look at your website and try to see it from a possibility’s viewpoint.

Understand that everyone who gets to your website will be at a various phase of the buying procedure. Some are simply searching for info. Others have actually been described you and are inspecting you out for fit. Still others have already done their research and are wanting to buy or a minimum of make a sales visit. You can discover a lot about inbound marketing free of charge at HubSpot the infographic below amounts up the numerous stages of the customer’s journey through your sales funnel and beyond.

Recognizing this, you can gear your content to give each possibility precisely the aid he or she is trying to find no matter what phase of the procedure they’re at. Make it easy for them to understand your value proposal, or what makes your business various from the competition.


Produce an interactive experience. Allow them to download relevant, useful information such as industry reports or publications in exchange for their email address. It’s typically said that “the cash’s in the list.”

Once you have actually assembled a list of certified potential customers and have their authorization to email them, an autoresponder can assist you nurture the leads you’ve produced.

Companies like MailChimp, Constant Contact and others provide adequate basic services for free, paid upgrades based on the volume of your emailings and detailed analytics so you’ll understand what’s working best.

Please make sure that all your electronic communications with prospects are certified with anti-spam legislation in your jurisdiction.

For information in the United States, see Every page or screen of your website ought to have a clear call to action, in order to produce roofing leads.

These CTAs could be an ask for more information, a button to download a lead magnet (that’s a marketing term for an irresistible free deal, such as a consultation, roofing inspection, etc. in exchange for an email address), a chatbox to speak with a sales associate or any other action relevant to the material on that page.

People wish to know the next steps.

Do not hesitate to tell them and make it easy to do. Is your website responsive? A responsive site implies that it can be easily seen on any device (desktop, mobile or tablet). If your current website stuffs information complete width on your desktop screen, it’s time for an overhaul.

A scrolling site works best on mobile devices, so keep your material and graphics crisp, tidy and uncluttered.

Again, the most crucial thing you can do to create leads is to make certain that your website has SEO.

Individuals in need of expert roofing services will start their quest by going into keywords like “roofer in my area” into a search engine such as Google, Yahoo or Bing.

Google and other online search engine are continuously changing their algorithms however embed keywords into your text, adding fresh content routinely, including videos by yourself website and developing backlinks from other websites to yours will all help yours rank higher in the search results. This short article from Forbes details 12 effective SEO strategies that presently work well.

If you’re uncertain what keywords individuals will utilize to discover your website, have a look at the totally free Google Keyword Organizer tool. When you go into a search term you think individuals may use, you’ll get a list of other term recommendations you may not have thought about.

Keywords such as “roofer” are called “short-tail” keywords and normally have a good deal of competition. By utilizing a long-tail keyword such as “residential roofing professionals in (your city here)” you’ll have a much better chance of ranking higher.

Discover more with John Jantsch’s primer on keyword research study particularly for small business.

2. Blogging.
While article themselves do not create a great deal of direct leads, blogging can be among the most reliable methods to drive traffic (leads) to your website, specifically if you host your blog by yourself website, which is highly suggested.

Since Google and other search engines to look for and reward fresh content with greater rankings, composing keyword-laden blog site articles on a regular basis can bring in a lot of certified potential customers to your site.

Think of blogging and SEO as partners in profit!

Every time you compose an article, you can, and should, promote it on Twitter, LinkedIn and Facebook. Services like Hootsuite, Buffer and Sprout Social make it simple to co-ordinate and manage your social networks platforms from a single control panel. It’s been revealed that longer blog articles work best for SEO purposes.

Aim for a minimum of 1350 words per post but make the material simple for readers to soak up and pertinent to your business. Break up the text with subheads; consist of lists, infographics, images or embedded videos; and use typefaces that are pleasing to the eye.

Include links to areas of your own website that represent the post’s material. Welcome visitors to comment and acknowledge them when they do.

3. Social Media.
Companies first utilized social networks to promote their brand name and generate online buzz but, significantly, they’re using it to create leads. By creating a presence on Twitter, LinkedIn, Facebook, Google+ and other popular platforms, you can begin conversations with potential consumers and meet potential customers where they live online.

Being active on social media enables you to engage straight with potential customers and can offer you a lot of important insights into how they talk, what their difficulties are, and so on. Seek out chances to be useful by taking part in online forums and answering concerns. Once you end up being referred to as the “go-to” person of roofing, you’ll start drawing results in your website.


Once you understand where your potential customers are hanging out, create a presence on the sites they visit to generate leads and direct traffic to your own website. Here are some more brilliant concepts.

Referrals from online directories and sites like HomeAdvisor, Angie’s List, Yelp, HomeStars, Houzz and others through complimentary or paid services can be well worth your financial investment of time or money.

Webinars are the online equivalent of seminars, like the kind you may use at a trade or home program. Due to the fact that registration is needed, you can gather fundamental info on interested attendees.

Webinars should be free of charge and academic, never ever a sales pitchfest, although you might include an unique discount deal on a service or a free roofing examination at the end.

Always choose subjects that are of excellent interest and specifically of value to your ideal target audience. Examples might be inspecting your roofing system for storm damage or selecting the right shingle color.

Services such as GoToMeeting and Free Conference Call make it easy to schedule, welcome attendees, moderate and even record your sessions.

Pay per click (PPC) advertising is far more cost-efficient than traditional print advertising and it gets your message straight to its designated online audience.

It permits you to “buy” your way onto online search engine results pages for your picked, particular and relevant keywords. You only pay when somebody clicks on your ad, which they won’t do unless it’s of specific interest to them.

It’s simple to track your invest and measure your results with PPC advertising.


To be most effective, your PPC advertisement requires to provide people a reason to click and visit your website. Incentives might include a webinar, a free report, a special discount, etc.

The possibilities are limitless and you can try variations to evaluate the efficiency of each.
A search for “roofing contractors in Des Moines” turned up 4 PPC advertisements (see listed below). Keep in mind the little “Add” icon to the left of the business’s URL.
To find out more, or to get going with PPC advertising, check out Google Ads.

Industry research reports, white documents and publications can be pieces of valuable content you can share with your email list of prospects or utilize as a “lead magnet”.

Content production takes a lot of time, however content development provides you a great deal of fast wins in regards to lead generation. Market research study reports and publications that offer valuable insights and info to your target market can be repurposed and shared on your blog site or social networks networks.

White papers and their longer counterparts, e-books, make great incentives for certified result in click on your PPC advertisements. Small companies may discover them a difficulty or impractical to produce however do not forget that you might be able to utilize products another person has actually produced, with their permission and a credit.

You can offer them free on your website, create an unique landing page for them to be downloaded in exchange for an email address or distribute them through third-party sources.
Google likes videos. In fact, the company bought YouTube in 2006 for $1.35 billion in stock. YouTube is the world’s second-largest online search engine, after moms and dad business Google.

Embedding a video onto your page might help your post rank greater. By enhancing a video on the YouTube platform, you can drive traffic to the video page on YouTube and you may even get it to appear on Google’s Search Engine Results Page (SERP).

When sharing on social media, you can include a link to your video URL on YouTube or a link to the page on your website where you’ve embedded the video.

Here’s an example of how this would look.
There are special social meta tags you can use to optimize how the content you’re sharing on social media will be displayed in a feed such as Facebook or LinkedIn. The example below recognizes essential tags to think about.

Why not develop your own marketing video? Doing so assists develop credibility and essentially automates the recommendation and lead-generating procedure when shared on other related sites.

Video reviews from actual clients by yourself website provide social evidence and are a lot more appealing to visitors.

Effective lead generation depends on both inbound and outgoing strategies. You need to try different techniques and measure the outcomes of each in order to identify which mix is the most reliable for you.

We hope that you have actually discovered a few of our tips helpful and that you’ll share your own concepts and success stories with your fellow roofing experts.


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It seems like every other day, I hear somebody in the roofing industry revealing skepticism about utilizing Facebook as a lead generation tool.

The reality is, numerous companies attempt to utilize Facebook without a clear understanding of what their target market desires, the behavior of traffic, and even how the platform is different from other kinds of advertising and lead generation.

It’s a truth that people are not going to buy a roof from somebody on the internet. Facebook, however, offers the perfect chance to generate leads for your roofing company that will result in a sale– if you produce a value-first marketing campaign.

How do you do that? It’s all based on material, and that’s the focus of this short article.
Initially, let’s get our realities straight about Facebook.


Facebook has over 2.41 billion users worldwide, around 1.15 billion of them on mobile.

– About 7 in 10 (69%) U.S. grownups utilize Facebook.
– From that group, nearly three-quarters (74%) check out the site a minimum of once a day.

Not using Facebook to produce leads for your roofing organization is leaving tons of cash on the table, requiring you to turn to other techniques, such as canvassing, door-to-door sales, and storm chasing.